Oral cancer is not something any of us want to think about. Unfortunately, this cancer will be diagnosed in approximately 50,000 Americans every year. Oral cancer is particularly insidious because it is difficult to detect in it's early stages. Oral cancer is frequently seen in older patients due to cumulative damage to cells over time. Risk factors that can lead to oral cancer include tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and oral HPV infections.


Introducing VELscope


Here at Gorges Dental we are utilizing the latest technology to help diagnose oral cancer in it's early stages. VELscope allows Dr. Raggi to examine the mouth and gums more thoroughly than a traditional oral exam. If you or your family have a history of oral cancer or if you have a history of tobacco use, it may be beneficial to have a more thorough dental exam using VELscope. Early detection of cancer is crucial for doctors to administer the most effective and best care possible. Especially for patients who have a predisposition to oral cancer.